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On a suggestion I put it on center preference and went for a walk. The lens worked great outside. no focus problems at all. And I kind of love it. I bought it home and it didn't perform as well as it had outside nor as badly as it did when I wrote the first post, so I think it's some combination of the focus not working well in low light and it not playing well with certain settings on my camera. I think I have to continue to test and consider.

Here's the complete gallery of my test walk. The blurriness at the end is the long shutter and motion blur. There's some bad pictures in it because I was mostly trying to test the lens's performanc more than anything else.

BTW, this is why the lens is interesting )
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I bought a tamron lens knowing that the reviews talked about the autofocus being "slow." The lens I got isn't "slow" pre se. it more confused. it will sometimes completely miss what focused is even on a few passes and on regular things, like blinds and slats, it sometimes thinks focused is no where near focused.

Should I ask for a replacement in case I got a bad one? Or just assume this is what the reviewers were talking about?

I'm not sure if I can get used to it or not. On one hand the price is much better than the competitor's (such that if I can't live with this lens, I do without), on the other hand, this was supposed to be the lens that lived on my camera most of the time, so the irritation might drive me batty.
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I took photos today in raw format to get the most data and apparently nikon has some propietary tiff format that gimp can't read. I'm now in the process of fixing that, but how annoying!

EDIT: I found a gimp plug in, but now I foudn out i was in the wrong iso for the pictures. bleh.


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