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Our new 47LG7600 arrived today. A few thoughts:

1) the magic motion remote is a bit annoying, especially since you can't really replace it with a universal remote. That being said, our IR universal remote from ages ago can turn it on and off and theoretically change channels, (but couldn't select inputs easily, though we might be able to fix that with a little more research.)

2) the glossy front is mirror like. I just don't understand why they moved away from the slightly matt finish that doesn't reflect everything in the room. we plan to move the TV up 6" and reduce how much of ourselves we can see

3) if you want 3d, LG 3d (which is passive, polarized glasses) is the way to go. I tried the shutter glasses (used by almost all other 3d TVs right now) in the store, and you can still "feel" the flickering (it's faster than you can see, but you just feel a little off kilter.) There is no ghosting that I can see, You still get the same frame rate (though I would assume lose half the resolution for each eye. How that ends up in the brain, I don't know. It was also WAY cool that the ps3 could tell we had a 3d TV, that the game demo had a 3d option and everything just got set the right way (with the ps3 asking.) Though I think that 3d is still gimicky.1

4) the settings seem to change depending on the app and in the netflix app we can't get "expert 1" settings to come up, which means we can't tweak all the parameters. I'm not sure how much we'll need that, but why are the picture settings menu different depending on where you are? I see wanting different picture settings for different inputs and appliances, but not having universal over ride or even a universal UI is kind of off.

5) despite almost not buying this TV because the "TruMotion" (LG's anti-judder) turned on, it gave live action TV a kind of weird plastic feel and seemed to move the camera around to do some of it's processing. That and artifacts were sometimes horrendous, so we've turned it off. We might turn it on for our next Pixar movie, though.

I think we'll have to test it a little longer to know if we've completely solved the bad dark differentiation that the old TV had, but so far it seems much better and I love that it's quieter and is expected to use much less power. A little more usage and time to sell the old plasma. yay!

1 Someone (my mom?) recently said that when color came out, people didn't really know how to use it well. They kept putting in appropriate splashes of color everywhere. And everyone remembers how bad colorization was. I feel like 3d is in this stage. The film makers don't know how to use it right yet. They know all the 2d tricks, like pulling focus to make effective cinematography, but they kind of just put in some weird thing and go "ooo, look, 3d" and then it's kind of ignorable for the rest of the time. Recently I found out that they were taking old movies (like dial M for murder) and making them 3d. They're doing the "colorization" again but with the 3d. In another 5-10 years, people will start using it effectively, until then, it's a toy, which feels weird coming from me who 3 years ago was buying 3d computer glasses and 3d monitors.
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Many years ago we bought the cheapest flat panel (plasma) TV we could find. It's an ok TV, has a bit of plasma burn in (from pretty much the start of it's life) but the darks have very little differentiation in them and so certain video are very hard to see what's actually going on. It's also a bit loud and power consuming, so we've been looking at TVs.

So on my mother's recommendation we sent to see the Samsungs, but apparently they did something wrong this generation and they don't look good.

A apparently JVC makes this amazing TV, but is only sold IN STORE at paul's TV... weird. (JLE47BC3001)

We looked at the 3d things. The shutter glasses are still horrible. LG's passive was surprisingly nice, but even the 240hz had motion jitter (in 2d). I think they actually went too far the OTHER way on that front. (47LM7600) 3d also still seems like a gimmicky feature, despite how long TV's have been offering it.

EDIT: there's a blasted setting to reduce this. It's called "judder"

We're possibly considering some of the cheaper no names, but we're mostly deciding that now is not the time for a new TV. Basically everything is too expensive for what we'd get, so no new TV yet.
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Netflix will now do streaming to a PS3 (or wii). You just have to ask them for a free disk. The quality is nice, though their selection of streaming is still very limited, but I'm happy because it lets me watch more things on the nice TV and sound system which has been mostly sitting idle since we cancalled our cable.
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So comcast is forcing us to switch to digital before the end of the year, but the boxes they sent us use this weird new IR protocol that both our replay and our universal remote do not speak. The big box might listen to our universal remote, but I'm not holding out hope that our now, by eletronic's standards, ancient replay will be able to talk to anything.

Not happy.
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While flying to LA, I got to watch some BBC america. The chef from Hell's kitchen was on some different shows. To my surprise he was nice, friendly and cheerful. Apparently US TV execs are selecting for people yelling at other people. Is this what the public wants, or just what they think the public wants.
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comcast is charging us too much for our cable. They also want to force us to use digital boxes, which would make our (almost first generation) replay box unhappy. (I think we have and IR blaster, but I'm not really sure if it all would work.

Does anyone have any recent stories about their cable modem net or know of a really nice deal? I'm almost thinking of canceling the cable outright and getting everything from netflix and on line.
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I enjoyed the mini-series "The Lost Room." Scifi is starting a new series called "Warehouse 13" which seems to have nothing to do with the series, but I'm not the only one to think that the trailers for Warehouse 13 remind me of the lost room and now... SciFi is currently playing the lost room. I wonder if there is more connection then they are letting on. I can only hope.
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We've been enjoying True blood, even though it's very closely based to the orignal books. It's been so long since we read the orginal books that we mostly don't remember stuff. It seems like the show would be more fun if we didn't know some of the things going on, though. Anna Paquin (who played Rogue in the X-man movies) is an interesting Sookie. I really like how they're making the vampires out to be really kind of disturbing and alien socially, even Bill, who is trying his best to be likable to Sookie. It makes me realize just how cartoonish-evil buffy's vampires were. I don't like the fang placement or semi-random lengths, but hey, small pet peeve. I think the casting is pretty good in general and I really love Sookie's grandmother. I'm hoping they don't try to put in any more awkward humor in. We're only three episodes in (watching on netflix.)
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"It's true, Alice Cooper is a hippie, but he's the bad kind of hippie. He's the kind of hippie that breaks into people's offices, beats them up, and shoots them in the head. Why? To steal their antique chairs."
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for liking Manswers?
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So recently RCN in somerville decided to abandon any of their customers that didn't want to have cablebox.

I just saw a comcast ad, talking about the dtv change over that said, "you're find if you're a comcast customer and your TVs are connected to a cable box." Does that mean they're planning on forcing people to have boxes too? My concern is that this will likely make my replay DVR unhappy and my little TV which I use often. Anyone have any real information?
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The stargate atlantis with Dave Foley, Bill nye (yes, the science guy) and Neil deGrasse Tyson get's a huge thumbs up for casting.

Ironically, the science babble was kind of bad.

Some of the lines, however, were complete awesome.
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McCain was on SNL last night and was pretty funny and more telegenic than I've ever seen him. Huckabee was funny too. It's scary when you find out how good an actor the politicians are. You could also read the skit that he's given up and decided it would be fun to be on SNL again.


Oct. 1st, 2008 02:09 pm
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Pushing daisies season premier tonight! I need tto buy season one on DVD.


Sep. 4th, 2008 11:08 am
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Apparently a sequal mini-series to V is in production and they've signed on all the old actors, including Robert Englund for Willie... I'm not quite sure what I think of that, but I really did like that character in my memmory (V, I've decided, is not something you watch again in modern times.) There have been some good remakes, so perhaps it's a hopeful thing. We'll see. t
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Another book series I read is being turned into a TV series. I'm really not sure how effective it will be, we'll have to see. But it's the Sookie books! (Charlaine Harris) It's also staring the actress who played rogue in the x-man movies, so that might be a draw for some people I know.

It's on HBO, so I won't get to see it first run, but on to the netflix queue to goes.

I'm still sad that lifetime dropped Blood Ties. I was so hopping some Canadian channel would pick it back up. The actors were too. And of course it was sad about Dresden too.
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Something I forgot to post about. In Canada I saw "project catwalk" which is a UK version of "project runway" except that the main hostest is a little over weight and all the model's are tooth picks. The episode I saw, they were making lengerie, which meant you got to see just how much booty the models actually had. There are episodes on youtube, if you are curious. There were other slight differences too and a lot that was very much the same.


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