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There seems to be no way of looking at use history with pay as you go. Which means if I don't watch my blanace like a hawk, I might not be able to detect them, say, taking a $4/month compliance fee, or alike.

I wonder if I could set up a balance poller to keep a history, or if I shouldn't care, because I'll still be saving money, even if it's more than it seemed on the surface.
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My cell account is now pay as you go. All that's left is for me to fork over the first $100 to make my per minute rate down to .10. I'm still feeling live I've forgotten something important.
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We have a ps3, but the sonycard rebate form won't show up on the web site, so we can't open it until it does. I've ordered heavenly sword in anticipation. I've already ordered a blu-ray disk (because it was cheap on Amazon.)

I asked my phone account to be moved to pay-as-you-go. They said it would take 24 hours and then I could at money to it to get it working. Who knows when the transfer will happen. Sadly I have to pay for January, since my timing stinks and my billing cycle was two days ago. The lady on the phone was surpised it would actually save me money. I guess I'm freakishly weird in how little I use my cell.

I connected the blizzard security frob1 to my WoW account. I've only logged in once, so I don't really know how much of pain or not it will be. G is worried that most of the hackers are attacking accounts from the account management page, though the security question and that the frob might not grant us any more security. Hard to say. Hard to know.

1 For those who don't know, this is a little electronic keychain like thing where you press a button and it gives you a number, likely based on the time. It doesn't change that often, so it's also not able to protect against replay attack.
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So if I'm reading things right (which I'm not sure I am, but the internet agrees with me,) if I switch to t-mobile pay as you go, then instead of paying ~$280 a year, I'll pay $100 the first year, then $10 a year for 3-4 years, then $25 a year after that.

Wow, I wish I would have done this a long time ago, if this is all true. I have a sim on the way to me so I can try things out, make sure I can do what I already do with my phone, figure out how all the pricing works, etc, then if it's all hunky-dorry, I'll get my phone number transfered on to the pay as you go account.

Yay, thank you cute little phone for making me look down this path. This is going to be much much more affordable and less guilt ridden.
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As a follow up to this post, I looked at 13 months from 2007 and it looks like either verizon's $1/day of use + .10 a minute or t-mobiles .10 a minute would do me equally well ($100/year, anything else expires too quickly to be economical.) So I should definately switch off my plan. The big question is:

1) keep my phone, but loose my phone number

2) change my phone to a blitz, but keep my number and get web browsing

I wish I had a way to play with the bliz before committing. Switch to the blitz would also be about $120 more (one time charge) for the phone and Verizon activation fee.
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First, I love my current phone and would be sad to give it up. But I pay about $23/month (I know to most of you that sounds small, but I don't use my cell that much.) That means I spend about $267 a year on my cell phone contract. This includes no web service.

If I read things right, I should be able to serve my cell phone needs by getting a $100/year pay as you go from verizon. It's a must that my phone have a full keyboard, but verizon has offered the "blitz" with pay as you go. Bestbuy is currently selling it for $150 as a pay as you go. This would be about my t-mobile cost for the year, with a future savings of $150 a year, which is noticable. I would, if I'm reading things right, also get the added service of web browsing (which t-mobile would charge me an extra $5/month for.)

However, I would loose a phone I like. The camera in the bliz is ~ 1 Megapixel compared to the 4 I currently have. My current phone can also take video, which the blitz cannot. I also give up all my custom ring tones (I'm not paying for ring tones.) I'm also sure I misread something in the service termsor have miscalculated my usage a little bit.

I bet there are a few other things I'm not thinking of. Any advice, stories or other things I might not have thought about is very welcome.

EDIT: Oh, I just thought of something. I can't go back if I give up my t-mobile plan. It's grandfathered.


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