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On Friday my world of warcraft account will lapse for the first time since November 2004, shortly after this post. a little over 12 years of playing the same video game. I had already started to fatigue, only logging into to do the group content, and then my group fell apart. I'm trying to figure out if there's anything I really want to do before my account stops. And really, I might like to poke at the chromie stuff, but I'm just super bored with WoW, which is understandable.

A few years back they sent statues to anyone who had had an account, continuously, since launch, so I'm putting myself out of the running for the 20th anniversary statue. ;)

This is unlikely to give me any more free time to play other things, since Overwatch is already taking up more video game time than I would really like in my life. I've been putting off making music and other things because of various other priorities. I'm hoping I can find a good balance soon.

Due to a personality conflict, I have to pull more out of taiko again. That's also feeling like a good thing. Hopefully when the dust settles I can make an effort to do the "hard" things of making music videos and putting myself out there again.

I also haven't been to School of Honk since January and miss that (and some of the fun gigs, like the Georges island gig.)
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It's rumored that tomorrow in World of Warcraft the "shattering" will happen. Basically major areas of the world are going to change. Some will be destroyed, some will be given new life. Until tonight, that idea didn't really bother me. The game keeping new and interesting is the point, right? You get bored if it just stays the same. But tonight I realized that I've spent about 6 years in this world, and I'm realizing that I have nostalgia. That I'm mourning the towns and the people and the land marks that only exist in fiction. Now, I'm not unfamiliar with this feeling, since people can get awfully attached to their TV shows, books and other fandoms, but... I don't know, it almost hurts more than a main character dying off. It's like my childhood teddy bear set ablaze. (I never actually had a childhood teddy bear, but that sort of feeling.)

So now I'm going and visiting those places that I know will be destroy. Saying goodbye to artificial landscapes inside the computers. Kind of like a fair well episode of a TV show where one of the character tritely turns off the lights on the most common of the TV sets.

I think that I'm realizing that 6 years is just a long time to be living in a virtual world. It's amazing just how much fiction is part of being human and how much we can be immersed.
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While falling asleep last night I was thinking about the world of warcraft burning crusade introduction of the two new races and this wallpaper art cut for largeness )
And how the one of the new races, worgen had almost the same body type as dranei. Then my brain was completely amused by the idea of a goblin in that outfit, so I spend the morning doing this )
I love the gimp!


Apr. 16th, 2009 12:20 am
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The WoW patch broke my 3d. *pout*
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G's sound on his motherboard flaked out, which caused him to go buy a sound card, which happened to support 5.1 sound. He just got his 5.1 computer speakers and now there are WoW sounds everywhere! It has me lusting. Specially if I splurge on the monitor or sell the glasses and get the monitor. More dimention in sight AND sound! Whee!!
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We have a ps3, but the sonycard rebate form won't show up on the web site, so we can't open it until it does. I've ordered heavenly sword in anticipation. I've already ordered a blu-ray disk (because it was cheap on Amazon.)

I asked my phone account to be moved to pay-as-you-go. They said it would take 24 hours and then I could at money to it to get it working. Who knows when the transfer will happen. Sadly I have to pay for January, since my timing stinks and my billing cycle was two days ago. The lady on the phone was surpised it would actually save me money. I guess I'm freakishly weird in how little I use my cell.

I connected the blizzard security frob1 to my WoW account. I've only logged in once, so I don't really know how much of pain or not it will be. G is worried that most of the hackers are attacking accounts from the account management page, though the security question and that the frob might not grant us any more security. Hard to say. Hard to know.

1 For those who don't know, this is a little electronic keychain like thing where you press a button and it gives you a number, likely based on the time. It doesn't change that often, so it's also not able to protect against replay attack.
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I'm not WoW filtering this, because it's kind of a meta post.

Wrath (the lastest World of Warcraft expansion) comes out tonight at midnight. I can't believe it's been almost two years since Burning Crusade (the last expansion) came out. 2 years... I guess even scarier is that I've been playing WoW since it's release. November 23, 2004. That's almost 4 years. That's longer than I've ever held a job. That's half the time I've been married. While I don't really feel like I'm addicted to the game, it's been part of my life for so long that it's hard to imagine what it will be like when it's gone from me life (and that day will come.)

It's interesting. People can easily see how MMOs make the game more social, but I never thought about the longevity it gives the game. How many other games have that kind of life (that aren't mmos.) I played DDR for three years, so clearly it counts (and I wish I were still playing it.) But even my other video game addictions were months, not years.

I don't actually regret my time playing WoW (total played time is about 200 24-hour days total.) It's come at a time in my life when I desperately needed escapism and distraction. I seem to be able to ignore it when I need to be doing something else and it's stopped me from becoming a complete WoW widow. (While I couldn't play on the same scheduel G plays, I do have enough of an understanding that it can be a shared topic between us.


Jul. 7th, 2008 10:20 am
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greg and I decided this long weekend to try Lord of the Rings Online's free trial. It's kind of fun, but sadly it crashes on greg's machine often enough we can't even enjoy the trail. It's got me thinking about why I liked WoW (which I started playing again this week, now that June's over.) LotRO has a lot of the features of WoW, but lacks a lot of the polish, but I think the real reason I played WoW after beta, other than my friends, was because of the silliness. I still remember in beta how I spent all the money I had (a whole 74 silver) for a mechanical squirrel as the infernals destroyed iron forge. My hunter, Gihr, was rolled solely to be a maker of mechanical squirrels.

Now I say this because I find I often don't read the quest text, so I don't get emersed in the story. It's a really horrible habit of mine, but it's a game, so I'm allowed to play it however I want.

Now I'm not saying that LotRO doesn't have a sense of wimsy. I've already got a feathered had that proves that they're not to serious, but WoW isn't afraid to be completely silly.

(Someone came up to Gihr, who was small because he'd used the world enlarger. The person said. "what's happened to you?" Girh linked the item and said, "Nothing's happened to me. It's happened to YOU!"
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The concert went great. I worked hard all day. I felt like everyone was alittle off, but that we still put on a good show. I've been working hard for two weeks now for this and it's felt really good to work as a team, to work hard for something I care about. And people even showed up! (yay people!)

Then I came home and Did some World of Warcraft stuff )


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