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I have my replacement up for the last few days. It actually works. Things I've learned about myself and the band.

Wearing something 24/7 that I know is recording things about me makes me feel like a tagged animal. I also have to switch wrists because I start to get itchy.

The sleep tracker is, not unexpectedly, not that great. I woke up for a phone call this morning and it didn't notice it as a wake up. What it does tell me is approximately how long it takes me to fall asleep and about how little sleep I get that is relatively restful. I seem to move a lot when I sleep in general.

Taiko I've decided it would be unfair and mean to the device to wear it on my wrist, so I've been wearing it on my shirt. Not sure how much that's throwing it off.

The big win, however, is the inactivity alarm. This is why I went with an Up and not a withings (or anything else.) If I've been sitting too long, it vibrates and I've been actually getting up and getting my circulation and heart rate up.

I'm not sure how long term this device might be for me. The feeling of having it on all the time might drive me batty such that if it does fail in 3 months, I might just give up on at that point. We'll see. I'd give you a link to all my graphs, but one of the down sides of the up is a poor web service.

As a side note, I'm really glad I got the wifi scale. I like seeing the actual graph of my weight and I hope the data will help me when I see more of it.
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I tried a app last night that was supposed to help motivate you to loose weight by giving you challenges and reminders, but before you started you had to choose the reason for why you wanted to loose weight and all the reasons just filled me with anger about this society and it's superficial focus on outward appearances (things like "I want to be ready for swim suit season, or I want to impress people at my reunion). I want to loose weight because society has trained me to hate this body. I should just be happy being healthier and just move on from there.

In other news I finally found a reason to have a fitness tracker. An inactivity alarm to remind me that I've been sitting like a lump for too long.

In other other news my Zumba game makes me feel a lot better physically. I suck at doing the dance moves and I'm still not very high energy at it, but it does wonders for my back and neck, which is a huge, happy suprise.
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I'm finding the book "good calories, bad calories" kind of depressing. Sure it has a lot of evidence to show that the "eat less, exercise more" to loose weight thinking is horribly wrong, but it doesn't really have any solutions, other than stop eating refined sugars, HFCS, and potatoes and white flour. But it's only guessing at those. Mostly it says we have lots of research that shows that we know NOTHING about weight gain or loss.


May. 16th, 2009 09:56 pm
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I was reading a webpage a small sampling of what thin people tend to eat. Many of them would have soup for lunch. I don't find soup at all satisfying. I wonder why it is that I don't.


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