Oct. 24th, 2016 11:11 pm
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I learned how to cast on twitch, then learned you need an average audience of 500 viewers and 3 scheduled shows before you can even display a button that will let people give you money, so that's likely a dead end for making even a trickle of money. I might still cast because it archives the cast and then I can download it for material for any Overwatch videos I make. It was a lot of fun getting it working and testing out my stream. I haven't done a camera overlay because I'm still wrestling with not having audio from the room, since G shares the room with me. If you care, my twitch channel is:

My sister asked me on a last minute cruise, but I had to turn her down. I've never done a cruise and this was going to be 14-days and really the holiday season gets wicked busy very quickly. It was extremely tempting, however, especially since I really want to do one someday.

I got my driveway drain finished before the big rain, but I think the pipe leading from it was over capacity. At least there was no lasting puddling once the rains eased up.

I really wish I liked running more than I do.
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A few quick thoughts:

Porchfest with School of Honk was amazing. At one point the crowd started dancing and it went from a performance to a party in that moment.

I have a harp gig (unpaid) first weekend of June. This was a friend trying to help me get practice at being a solo performing.

I made myself a patreon account, because why not. No, I'm not posting the link here because I don't want money from my friends, I want money from strangers.

The video game Overwatch launches today. I made an Overwatch remix using one of the character's sounds and got up the courage to post it to their Facebook wall. All this seems to have gotten me is a down vote.
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I just wanted to say how cool Rocksmith 2014 is. This is a game that's like rock band but you use a real guitar. I decided I'm still not that good at making guitar hand prezels, so I'm going to focus on bass guitar instead. It's really good at getting me to practice because it feels like I'm playing real music (even though I'm not as good as it makes me feel I am.) It does a really good job of dynamic scalling, but that means you almost always feel on the edge of failing (but to counter that, you also feel like you're really playing.) I really want a DLC sale so I can buy a whole lot more songs that I know well, because they're the most fun.

It's super cool if you were ever thinking of buying it, do it!

Also, completely unrelated, I've ordered an acoutic/electric harp!
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Just thought I'd jot some quick notes:

Love the new house. Very glad I moved. I love walking to the store and seeing the pond every time I go to the end of my driveway. I keep forgetting it's there, though, so I should walk out more often. I also need to get my kayak a cart so I use it more often. I'm not being as good as I should be mowing and cleaning.

The elliptical is working out great. Both G and I are using it while watching TV. The season of Dexter is getting more interesting, so much so that I worked out a total of an hour and 10 minutes because I kept wanted to go watch more.

I still haven't found a good video game exercise replacement for DDR. I do like dance masters, but I don't play it enough. I've been using Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2012, but it doesn't really inspire me. I wish someone would port eyetoy kinetic to the kinect.

I'm still playing WoW and Mists is coming out Tuesday. I'm looking forward to levelling my panda and pet battles more than I am looking forward to levelling Cree, sadly. I usually enjoy levelling Cree a whole lot, so I don't know what's up. I am glad to be a cat again. I'm going to even be a flaming cat even though I have a better weapon already.

I've been playing a free to play pvp fps called Blacklight and enjoying it a lot. I haven't really played anything like that since too much CTF Quake about 15ish years ago. I guess that will stop when mists comes out. It's not that fancy, but it's super polished and has some fun in game toys (I love my turret.)

Cats and husband are doing well. I'm also doing so much better than a was a few years ago. I'm lucky that whatever has made me happier has continued to work.

I'm loving teaching taiko. One of the classes didn't run because of not quite enough people. I'm a little sad about that, but it's likely a good thing, since things might be changing soon. I'm also still loving performing at schools.

I've put my koto on hiatus for a few months for my own stress level. I love the instrument still, but I never seem to get around to practising. I'm also very glad that I bought the hapi drum and not a full hang. It sounds very pretty, is very soothing and was so much more affordable.

I have a half finished costume in the sewing room for koto playing. I should get back to that. I also have some stands to make someday soon.

My weight is still going up, which annoys me. I'm trying to figure out new snacking habits.

I got a new 3d monitor and I need to sell the old one.

Netflix broke streaming on my tablet with they're 2.0 app update. They're customer service was friendly and didn't script me too badly, but couldn't help me right away. They said they'd work on it and I should contact lenovo as well, but they require me to have an account.

Life is the good kind of boring.
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Played Black Eyed Peas Experience for Kinect and it was pretty fun. The moves were very confined to a box, so not much leg movement, but it had a nice sense of dynamicness. There are little bright stars where I think it's really wanting you to hit the beat. I didn't find the feedback that useful, and had to figure out what I was doing wrong mostly on myself. I think I agree completely that if you like BEP music, it's a fun game, because they really have a lot of very heavy beat, dancable stuff. If you don't like their music, well, stay away from this game. The dances are also high energy, so you do get your body moving, which is nice.

One thing I didn't like is there's this big long intro where your avatar (mine was wearing heels, but was other wise a hot version of me) strolls in basking self indulgently from the fame of being the one chosen to dance with the computer-BEP.

Apparently it had a mic mode too. so I think I need to purchase a wireless mic for my xbox now.

Dance Masters is still the winner on the dancing games, but again, you kind of have to be able to tolerate benami music to enjoy it.
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I've been trying to get more exercise. nothing will replace the time I was completely addicted to DDR and dropped 50 lbs, but I still hope and search. First, DDR still gives a nice work out, but I just don't NEED to play it like I used to. So I'm still seeking that new addiction. Luckily the technology is marching forward.

A while back we got a kinect and an box 360 so I could try Dance central. Super fun, but not as much exercise as I would like. Hamonix got most of it dead on. The UI is great, the music selection is terrific and they track surprisingly subtle motions. But like DDR, you still feel like you're playing a video game and not dancing. The choreography, while good, is clearly limited by needing to track your skeleton the entire time. I got Dance Masters, konami's foray into the gerne. The UI is horrible, but I got used to it. The game play, however was good. Instead of tracking ever motion, they want key poses (many of which are dynamic), arm arc and hand positions. They also seem to some how track steps and use the mic to see if you're clapping. The result feels like a full body Elite Beat agents and ends up being a lot more dynamic. The choreography is a lot freer (though still clearly reined in by the game) to the point where there are a few dances that I want to learn as dances. The music is very DDR/parapara, but since I'm already a fan that's not a problem.

I've also been looking at the straight up work out games, but nothing seems to be that engaging. I think I was spoiled by eye toy Kinetic which, if it were on the kinect would be the best thing ever. It's too bad the eye toy let that game down.

I think I will still try to make myself play DDR for the full on cardio, but at least these other games get me up and moving and might teach me a few tricks for more dynamic taiko choreography.

EDIT: I have NO parapara instincts at all!
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After my wrists are completely healed, I've decided that I need to look for good FPS PvP*. Back in the day I used to play a lot of CTF Quake with runes on a private server and loved it and I'm looking for that kind of thing again. I can look up game reviews for FPSes, but can't select based on their PvP quality. I also need a practice arena, since it's been a really long time, so I can't do one of those PvP only ones (like Team Fortress.) Also idealy, I'd like one that plays well with mostly keyboard or joystick controls, since using a mouse makes me unhappy. I don't own a xbox 360 yet either.

I think that list might have just made it impossible, but my friends know much, including which of the older games still have followings. So, any suggestions?

* if you don't know what FPS PvP is, then you likely can't help me. However, it means First Person Shooter Player Vs Player which is a genre of video games. CTF means capture the flag.
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I tried the patapon 2 demo recently and like that they've made changes to fix most of the reasons that I only played patapon 1 half way through, so I've decided that I would like to buy it. However sony is only offering it as a download. Something in my core doesn't like this. I don't want to use the space on my memory stick (of unknown size) and I don't want to delete it when I'm done. I want to have an UMD to throw in a drawer so that one day I might pull it out again and still have it.

Is this just my pack rat showing itself? Or is there something disturbing about paying money for something ephermal. Yes, I'm paying for the experience, not a piece of silly plastic, but I want the secirity blanket of the physical media. I comfortably pay $15 a month for WoW and get nothing but access to data that they keep, so why does $20 once for something that doesn't come with a peice of plastic?

I really like to still buy CDs when I can to, despite the fact they just take up space in a box upstairs. I fear the day my hard drive with the music collection fails (I should really back that up some how) but it's not like the CDs are going to change the fact that the time to rip all that stuff is forever. I do buy single tracks in electronic form only and love the fact I can have the one hit songs for $1.

More disturbing, though, for me, is as our entire society moves to media that can only be played by fancy electronic devices, we gamble more and more on loosing this era to time. A record can be played by someone with something sharp and a resonator, both of which I feel I could fashion with my own hands and materials I could find. A book just requires knowing the language. Picture books even less. I'm not afraid of moving forward, but I feel like we need to realize how ephermeal our society is right now.

I guess if I didn't want to a hypocrite, I should print this out. But... that wastes paper!! :)
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I'm still blown away by the beauty you can create inside a computer. Gorgeous entire worlds.
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I finished heavenly sword. I was kind of glad it was short. I loved it, but I can't say I can recommend it to other people. There were at least three different play styles. The whole "after-touch" guiding of missles was nuts hard (it uses the tip sensors in the ps3 controller) and the reaction game parts made me feel like I was playing dragon's lair.

Still I liked it, and liked see the making of videos. They did a lot of work into the motion capture and let the actors have fun.
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I've played it all of 30 minutes, but I think heavenly sword is kind of awesome. I can't wait until we get our component video cable.

(oh, and sony finally gave us the rebate form, yay!!)

I'm considering do this:

as a costume, because it's just been WAY too long since I've done a costume and I don't have a hot enough bod anymore for the lead. I will have to see what the character is like after I play more of the game. She's delightfully insane.

EDIT: they have this really tricky mechanic where you tip the controller to guide projectiles. It's nuts hard.
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Apparently in the CD re-release of the game Loom had an audio play that I've never heard before. click on Loom and then scroll down a little.

If you don't know what Loom is... that's ok, I forgive you. Lots of people don't.

EDIT: the game was good. The audio play isn't. It's not horrid, but it's no "I love bees."
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I want to play a game. Kind of like the old lucas arts games (like monkey island.) I've identified it's not the adventure-puzzle aspect I want, but a game that has enough of a sense of humor to have, say, a mask of tofu, because, of course, the volcano is veggitarian. Sadly this is not something you can search for, or at least not that I've found. I'd also like it to have been made in the past 5 years. Any suggestions that aren't Phsychonaughts?


Sep. 13th, 2008 02:48 pm
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My copy of spore arrived (having had the pre-order, as is common, take longer than if I'd got is on release day.) I've not played all the stages yet, but it's more game than I though it was going to be (the sim games in the past have had lots to do, but not much direction) and it's also much harder than I thought. The interesting thing is it kind of feels like 4 dumbed down games loosely put together. It's kind of fun though.

But... there's the whole annoying DRM issue. (You should look at the Amazon reviews for details.)

EDIT: the dumbed down game genres are arcade, rpg, and rts. I haven't gotten to the final stage yet to know what it is.

EDIT: there are two more stages. Stage 4 is civ.
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The spore creature creator free demo is worth a look at. Very cute!
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I'm 5 minutes in and I'm so glad I bought it!


Apr. 23rd, 2008 10:36 pm
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I'm playing a (somewhat old) video game called "Impossible Creatures." It's an RTS that let's you build troops by combining animals. I just made a lobster plus and ox, which the game calls a lobstox. It's so adorable... in a strange an disturbing way.

I espeically like the ox font legs.

People are silly.


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