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Mostly just wanted to document this.

One of my mom's good friends needed a new laptop. I had an old one I wasn't using and was having trouble selling, so I decided to ship it to her.

I shipped the laptop at staples with UPS. For some reason when I bought the insurance the shipping price went DOWN.

The laptop arrived with a cracked screen, so I made a insurance claim. At first UPS denied me because the crack is only visible when the screen is on. Once I sent the photo my mother had taken of the damage, they honored my claim. Sadly I insured it less than a replacement would cost.

They shipped it back to the staples I shipped it from and allowed me to pick it up.

Now I have a damaged laptop which I could either try to repair or sell for parts.

Through the whole process, staples was ok, but since they were talking to UPS, communication was poor. For instance UPS came to pick up the laptop so they could inspect it without giving us any warning to prepare the package. Luckily they were nice and came back the next business day.

The whole idea of trying to do something nice and having it become a big pain for my mother stressed me out a lot. At one point she thought that the connection to the screen had come loose and we were debating trying to fix it instead of making a claim, but then she sent me the photos and it was clear there was physical damage.

All and all the whole process was stressful only because of my own mental state. Staples was... fair but could have communicated better and my mother UPS guy was quite nice.


Sep. 2nd, 2013 06:58 pm
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In the last two years I've found the world of staples clearance.   All you need is one of their great clearance coupons and a little luck and sometimes you can get something nice for cheap. (I used to hate staples, but they've been winning me over lately, especially the one in Reading.)

Canon cameras can be scripted using chdk and I use this to take a photo of my taiko performances once ever 10 seconds so we can have something to post to facebook. I bought a super cheap, old, used canon to implement this but it was starting to flake out on me, so I decided to see if the staples $50 off clearance cameras would work for me. I tried one staples, and didn't find what I wanted, but on the way home from the gig I decided to up my budget a little bit (I was hoping for something sub $50) for something that had a better chance of taking good action shots in low light with no flash. On the way home from today's gig I dropped in to the staples and found a SX40 HS. (The staples was mobbed with back to school people.)

Normally this is a ~$320 camera, it rang up at the cash at $209, the sign, however had said $157, so the manager changed it to $150 and then my $50 off coupon brought it to $100. here are my test pictures )

I will have to see how it performs in the field.
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I've hated my HP printer for a long time.  It seems to be always out of ink, weather I use it or not.   The windows software is HUGE and rude.   The only reason I got an HP was because at the time it was what played best with linux.  Before that I had cannons which I loved.   I've been thinking of replacing the HP for a while now.

Yesterday it stopped printing black.  HP said, "it's likely the print head" and didn't really help me beyond that, but suggested I try to exachange my open ink at staples.   I decided this was what I needed to finally get rid of it.  I bought a low end brother because the middle end one had a great review and I though the low end one looked nicer.  I'm wondering if I should have gotten the middle end one.  I already like the way the ink interfaces with the printer better.

It took a little bit of time to get the printer and scanner to work with linux but most of that time was spent not understanding that it wanted my ubuntu password on the cups web interface.   So it works and we'll just see if the staples guy is completely wrong.  (He said, "well if you hate HP, you'll hate Brother even more.")

For the record, I got a MFC-J430W on clearance and 15% off for about $64.  The one with the great reviews was the MFC-J4510DW which is listed at $130.


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