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Ran again with the shoes with better socks and using the last holes. They were better than before, but I can't say they're really a win. Definitely not worth the money, but I also feel like they're not so horrible that I can justify returning them now that I've run outside with them. So chock it down to an expensive mistake. I think I'll alternate between these and the on and then when I can justify it, try the sturdier On shoes.

P.S. I wish running didn't leave me feeling like a failure.
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I ran with the new shoes and they were not a win.

My left foot was cramping in the way it does when the shoe is fighting with it (it happens in ice skates all the time.) This might have been my sock slipping down, but in general, the fancy shoes didn't improve much. I will try them one more time with different socks and the back hole laced up, but I'm very disappointed. I'm a little worried she looked at my weight and went a little over board with the cushioning.

I was so hopeful. They felt really good in the store.

I also worry I got the wrong size because my feet were, perhaps, swollen that day.

I'm going to feel horrible if I have to return them.


Dec. 19th, 2007 11:35 am
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[ profile] honeyartichoke is awesome and got me tabi from Japan and then gave them to me for Christmas! My own tabi! WOO!!!t


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