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I jogged 20 minutes without stopping today. It was a wicked slow pace, but the point was to do it. I still don't like running, but it's getting easier to get my self out the door. On hot days, I'm preferring the slower pace, longer run. I'm hoping as things cool down and can work more towards speed.

There are now 8 weeks left before testing. I'm still not sure I'll pass. To complicate things I'm having trouble with shuttle runs too. The turns wear me out, especially because I can only "hockey stop" about 6 before my knees start complaining at me. I have to do 15 in 2 minutes. I can do about 14 now. I get really tired at 6. It doesn't seem to matter what pace I go because it's the acceleration and deceleration that tire me.

The good news is that the application (and application fee) due date is AFTER the physical, so I can delay until after I know if I've passed to hand over my money. I will be very disappointed if I have to wait another year, but in the end, I don't NEED a black belt. This was never about the carrot, but I've been programmed to want the carrot for too long to not have it affect me.

In other news, I had a bad interaction with one of the students and let the master know about it. Not only was his reaction perfect, but did a great job of caring not only for the other student, but for my personal reaction as well. I am SO GLAD I searched and finally found this place.
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I still hate running.

That being said, I don't hate myself while doing it, which is a large improvement.

I'm on week four of c25k, which is 3 minutes run, rest, 5 minute run. I started this week being not sure if I should repeat week 3 again, or try week 4. I'm glad I tried week 4, since I was barely able to do it. The problem, however, is that from this point on in the program the runs start being 20-21 minutes and I'm getting a distance of ~1.6 miles while doing it. Since my goal is not a 5k, but rather 1.5 in 18, I decided today to do a variation. My original plan was 6m run 90s rest 6m run, 90m rest 3m run. But while I was out I changed it to 6m, 90s, 4.5m, 90s 4.5m. I couldn't make the last 4.5m run so it ended up being 4m, 30s, 1.5+ enough to finish the 1.5 miles.

Doing this I got 12:01 mile, which is a good first goal towards the 1.5 in 18. I finished the 1.5 in 18:32 with an average pace of 12:21, which is a huge improvement. I think this is the most important thing. I'm finally seeing progress and things don't seem so hopeless. I'm still a long way off from being able to do the time and do it every time, but at least I no longer feel I'm sliding backwards.

I plan on doing week 4 a few more times, and doing my modified program until I can do it completely. Then I will think about what to do next.


May. 2nd, 2017 02:09 pm
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I'm still struggling with the psychology of running. Running longer but slower doesn't seem like an accomplishment to me. It's not helping that running just seems to come so easily for most people who I talk to, especially those with long legs.

My C25k program also wanted me to pay for week 3, so I have to find a new app.
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I took [personal profile] dcltdw's advice and ran a lot slower and a little longer. The self-hatred was much less. It still wasn't fun, but I am kind of neutral about myself right now, which given history is a big win. The good news is I kept my sub 12 minute mile pace for half a mile without stopping to walk. I know that's only a 1/3 of the goal, but it still felt encouraging that I my "slow" pace was the pace I need to maintain.

Sadly the data on the GPS watch seems to be corrupted, so now I can't trust what it said, so who knows. maybe I didn't. I claims I did a 13:15 overall pace over 2 miles and my first mile was 12:27. Given that I was focusing on not making myself miserable, that's not so bad.

The bottom line is I did the running and it hasn't triggered full mental health issues and that's a qualified good.
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I ran with the new shoes and they were not a win.

My left foot was cramping in the way it does when the shoe is fighting with it (it happens in ice skates all the time.) This might have been my sock slipping down, but in general, the fancy shoes didn't improve much. I will try them one more time with different socks and the back hole laced up, but I'm very disappointed. I'm a little worried she looked at my weight and went a little over board with the cushioning.

I was so hopeful. They felt really good in the store.

I also worry I got the wrong size because my feet were, perhaps, swollen that day.

I'm going to feel horrible if I have to return them.
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I am cheap. I am willing to pay for function, but even then, I tend to be cheap.

When it comes to shoes, I mostly look for something that will keep sharp objects from hurting me and not much else.

That changed a while back when I got my fancy On Cloudracer shoes. I really like them a lot, but last run I was thinking I might need something with more protection for my feet and more bounce too.
The problem with most shoe and sports stores is it was hard to tell shoes that weren't fashion over function. So I decided to go to a specialty running store knowing that I was not going to get anything cheap there, but I was going to pay for the expertise. So I went in resolute that I was not going to balk at the price.

I went to one in Andover that had good reviews. They put me in some "neutral" shoes and took a video of my running on the treadmill. I land on the outside of my foot and then pronate, just a little, on to the inside. She decided I needed some stability help (and I think, without ever saying it, she wanted something to cushion me for my weight.) I must have tried on about 12 shoes and spent almost an hour in the shop. When I found a pair I liked, I asked "How much is the damage?" She looked at the price and say, "Oh no, I'm so sorry, this might be the most costly pair of shoes in the whole store. Let's go try on a few less expensive models of the same brand." So we did, but I didn't like them. I had never seen an sales person be so genuinely apologetic for trying to sell the expensive model. I really liked the store and the people there, so if you need an expert to help you with your running shoes, I recommend Greater Boston Running Company in Andover.

Here's hoping these shoes make me hate running less!
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I went for my first run of the season. I decided to see what I would do free running (without the c25k intervals) and it was awful. Since there is a rumor the black belt test will reduce the time, I might be completely out of the running (no pun intended) for my black belt this year.

I will try hard to make that no so, but... does not look good.

I wish starving oneself to loose weight was actually effective long term. This would all be easier at a lower weight.
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I've had bad knees since college. I think it was a combination of fencing in high school, bouncing down Mt. Washington and a midnight bike ride and just, generally my father's side of the family has bad knees and extra weight, which is a horrible combination.

On one hand, I'm glad I can still walk mostly pain free. I was afraid I would be using a cane at this point in my life. I'm also thankful that I can do taiko with only a little bit of restrictions. But time and again my knees have been one of the major hurdles in me getting regular exercise.

Rock climbing? can't, bad knees. Ariel silks? can't, bad knees. Lap swimming? Can't bad knees. Biking? I might be able to now, but before, couldn't, bad knees. Most workout videos, squats? burpies? lunges?

Well it struck again. While running my knee went out. So I can't run regularly at least at the weight I currently am. I might see if I can't do it once a week or something and build up some of the protective muscles around my knee, but I think this pretty much kills running on the program schedule.

I was really liking to be out doors too, so I might try a walking program or something. Get biking (gently) too. Maybe figure out how to make the elliptical not horribly boring.

It really annoys me.

My pace was better today walking half of it but that's because the GPS went berserk and shows me running in the pond.


Mar. 21st, 2014 03:21 pm
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I'm tired of being fat (though this is nothing new.)

I realize this is a poor motivation for exercise since weight loss is a lost cause but good health is not, but I'll take what I can get.

I've been using the Zumba kinect games (not the first one because it's horrible) and they seem to be good for improving my general well being (getting the kinks out, getting some good circulation) but not really for weight loss or high cardio.

A lot of my friends are running now. blah blah running blah )


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