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On one hand, if they didn't have such a huge market segement, they wouldn't be able to do stuff like this, on the other hand, where's my car dock?!

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I case someone's interested, here's the summary of my current research. And in case you're not interested, here's an lj cut )
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After doing some research it seems that now is not the time for me to buy an mp3 player. The HD based players are ether too large (120gb) or now play everything else. The flash based players seemt obe plentiful at the 8gb range, but there are a few new ones out at 32gb which are very affordable, but have some UI issues, so once the pack of flash based players gets to 32gb I should be able to find one that I like, is affordable and has a long battery life.

mp3 players

Apr. 4th, 2009 04:31 pm
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I'm sick and tired of my zen always being out of battery, so I'm looking for a new mp3 plsyer. My requirements are:

  • not an ipod
  • 30g or more
  • randomize over all songs
  • car chargable or a very long battery life
  • (optional) loadable from linux

Anyone have something I should look at?

EDIT: Whee! found
EDIT: ARG!! did someone break the internet? suddently my search fu seems to be gone, even when I'm searching for things that I know exist... perhaps it's time to find a new search engine.
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So I've had my first major problem with my creative zen and it's a big one. It will only charge in one of my computer's USB port. This includes not charging in a car->usb charging adaptor. This meant I couldn't charge it for the trip hom eand had it conk out half way home. Their support is complete suck. So I think I will no longer buy from creative. Since Rio is dead, I think that if this mp3 dies, I'm stuck with either buying an ipod or nothing.

Maybe by then someone will come out with something to compete.

I hate you apple.


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