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So here's my delema.

  • is good for me physically: I'm feeling less pain and more ease of movement

  • makes me happy: I look forward to it and usually come home feeling good

  • costs money

  • was physically damaging: both my arm issue and hearing loss

  • was causing me tons of stress: I still watch them not getting enough help from people, the group is struggling for new members as well

  • paid money: I could officially call myself a professional musician

  • had a great community: both the people I saw every week and the people who I saw once every two years. I'm still missing a community like that.

  • let me perform: I'm still performing with them some, but no where near as much as I'd like to, though me rejoining wouldn't completely fix hat

Taiko and Taekwondo are both evening things and cannot be reasonably done together.

My other musical/artistic pursuits are not panning out. It is extremely hard being a solo act and also trying to learn an instrument and do something different with it. I really want to be performing on a regular basis.

My ability to deprogram myself to be ok with no income still hasn't crossed the tipping point. I really want to be doing something that brings in money, even if it's only a little bit of money.

Logic says that I shouldn't go back to taiko, but my heart wants me to damn it all and just return.
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comcast is charging us too much for our cable. They also want to force us to use digital boxes, which would make our (almost first generation) replay box unhappy. (I think we have and IR blaster, but I'm not really sure if it all would work.

Does anyone have any recent stories about their cable modem net or know of a really nice deal? I'm almost thinking of canceling the cable outright and getting everything from netflix and on line.
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Most of us seek money. That money then goes first to food, second to shelter and third to clothing our selves and keeping ourselves warm. Beyond that we start buying entertainment, status symbols and small comforts. We want to save for the day when we can no longer successfuly seek money and have enough to still obtain our list of needs and wants that seem reasonable.

Each of us has a feel for what money is worth to us. For most a dollar is nothing. If it flew out of hands in the wind, we'd say shucks and hope it found a good home with someone else. For some, it's much needed food. Once we meet those basic needs and have a sensible (as much as we can know) savings plan, how do we set the worth on the luxuaries, the toys, the comforts, the entertainment? Is it purely realtive? For one meal out, I could have two DVDs and I should decide which is better for me? Or is there some other strange structure of worth? I personally don't understand ever paying multiple hundreds of dollars for shoes, but for some people that's "worth it." Should we feel ok spending money in ways that make us happy as long as we don't short the important things? Or is it criticle to make sure your benefit per dollar meets some minimum. There are some things many of us just accept. Cars, for instance. Are they realyl add as much value to our life as we pay? Espeically those of us with access to good public transportation?

In this world where people think that $30/month for cell phone is "cheap" should I feel bad about buying a silly toy for $330?

Some people play the game of just trying to make the numbers big without asking why.

This ignores the tyrany of stuff, but it's a complicated enough issue that I feel that's worth ignoring for now.
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I was thinking of getting a T-musician's pass and playing to earn money for Odaiko New England, but it's a $25/year fee for an ID. Last time I played in the T, we barely earned our fair in.


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