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I decided to splurge on a fancy cat tree.

before and after )
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My cat is going in for much needed dental work tomorrow. I say much need because her gums got infected enough that she stopped eating and we had to get her pain killers and antibiotics to get her eating again and apparently she's already lost a tooth, which the last vet visit failed to mention.

I'm worried about her. The shelter got her spayed before they gave her to us. So this will be the longest she's been away from the house and anesthesia is always a little risky. I think most of the worry is that she had an adverse reaction to the last round of vaccines and then she had this gum infection, so she's not been terribly robust these past few weeks.

As a note, it will also be quite costly. They quoted us something in the range of ~$700. I'm expecting a little lower, since I expect the extractions to go quicker than they quoted, because of how bad shape her gums are in.

Poor girl. If she would only chew her food more. (We have to take measures to make her eat more slowly as it is, or she will eat so fast as to make herself sick.)
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Just some quick notes:

Got booed for the first time while playing taiko.

Bought a camera helicopter to inspect my gutters:

got a peg board for the new house and remembered the joy of peg board organization.

In a little over a week, I am going to Cedar Point for the first time in about 14 years.
And the list continues... )
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Just thought I'd jot some quick notes:

Love the new house. Very glad I moved. I love walking to the store and seeing the pond every time I go to the end of my driveway. I keep forgetting it's there, though, so I should walk out more often. I also need to get my kayak a cart so I use it more often. I'm not being as good as I should be mowing and cleaning.

The elliptical is working out great. Both G and I are using it while watching TV. The season of Dexter is getting more interesting, so much so that I worked out a total of an hour and 10 minutes because I kept wanted to go watch more.

I still haven't found a good video game exercise replacement for DDR. I do like dance masters, but I don't play it enough. I've been using Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2012, but it doesn't really inspire me. I wish someone would port eyetoy kinetic to the kinect.

I'm still playing WoW and Mists is coming out Tuesday. I'm looking forward to levelling my panda and pet battles more than I am looking forward to levelling Cree, sadly. I usually enjoy levelling Cree a whole lot, so I don't know what's up. I am glad to be a cat again. I'm going to even be a flaming cat even though I have a better weapon already.

I've been playing a free to play pvp fps called Blacklight and enjoying it a lot. I haven't really played anything like that since too much CTF Quake about 15ish years ago. I guess that will stop when mists comes out. It's not that fancy, but it's super polished and has some fun in game toys (I love my turret.)

Cats and husband are doing well. I'm also doing so much better than a was a few years ago. I'm lucky that whatever has made me happier has continued to work.

I'm loving teaching taiko. One of the classes didn't run because of not quite enough people. I'm a little sad about that, but it's likely a good thing, since things might be changing soon. I'm also still loving performing at schools.

I've put my koto on hiatus for a few months for my own stress level. I love the instrument still, but I never seem to get around to practising. I'm also very glad that I bought the hapi drum and not a full hang. It sounds very pretty, is very soothing and was so much more affordable.

I have a half finished costume in the sewing room for koto playing. I should get back to that. I also have some stands to make someday soon.

My weight is still going up, which annoys me. I'm trying to figure out new snacking habits.

I got a new 3d monitor and I need to sell the old one.

Netflix broke streaming on my tablet with they're 2.0 app update. They're customer service was friendly and didn't script me too badly, but couldn't help me right away. They said they'd work on it and I should contact lenovo as well, but they require me to have an account.

Life is the good kind of boring.
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I've not posted as much here lately because facebook seems to mostly fill that gap in announcing news, but I figure a longer post might be a good thing.

Still looking for the dream house. Still hopeful, even if the constraints get harder. I might have to relax my traffic noise restriction a little bit to find something. We'll see what the next season brings.

Taiko is going well. The next year promises to be interesting as Odaiko New England is undergoing some changes and the Boston area is looking at two new taiko groups forming. Taiko also continues to make me do woodworking and web maintenance.

I'm hoping to start up my koto lessons again soon. I still have so far to go on that.

I'm blessed to have a wonderful husband. Kitties are good too.

Still no job and no plans for one.

Still play World of Warcraft. Though I haven't had as much time for this as I used to. The cataclysm changes to old world are kind of awesome and I look forward to doing all the revamped zones again. I didn't like the level 80-85 section as much, but it wasn't bad. Also Stormwind is really pretty from the sky. I'm also happy that I'm continuing to raid with my completely awesome Wrath raid group.

I've been pining for a better DSRL after some nice taiko photos I took. I've also been dabbling in canon hacking to get an intervaolmeter for taking pictures of myself playing taiko.

Well that's all the update I can think of right now.
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It might help that I was ready to be disappointed by this device, but in general I'm very pleased.

The glassesless screen, while a little grainy and finicky with the angle is almost required while doing 3d video-agraphy. I had one friend who just liked to watch how things looked different on the 3d screen. I hope that the frame, being a larger space, will look a little nicer, though I don't expect it to be any less picky about where you look at it.

The video quality is about what I expected, having already owned an aiptek and it's completely awesome that youtube basically just knew what to do, once I added the 3d tag. Here's my first test video:

I haven't really tested the sound yet, but I don't expect that they've made many leaps forward since my other camera, but perhaps it will be better, which would be nice.

I really liked the slide out USB and that they included a USB extension (which I'd never seen before) if you can't have it sticking out of your computer.

Ok, now the things I hate. Above all is that it makes these start up and UI sounds. There is no way to turn these off or reduce their volume other than putting your thumb over the speaker, and even then they are still audible. They let you adjust the playback volume, but this has no control over the UI sounds. So, I can't use this in a place where I would like to be quiet, like, say, back stage. I hope hope hope that they get a firmware update to fix this, but I'm not holding my breath. Once the camera is up and running and you just record, it makes no sound, so I can likely work around it.

The other annoyance I've found is if you store some stuff to the (admittedly too small to use) internal memory and then insert a sd card you can no longer view the images on the interal memory either from the camera UI or when it's plugged into the USB.

Other than that, so far, it's been tickling me pink. I can't wait to get some taiko footage, in vibrant hapi color with it, especially with the bachi coming RIGHT AT YOU!

I also felt lucky to be reminded of a cool cheap 3d trick with 3d stills. this isn't my image, but it demonstrates the theory and I can make mine own (when I have a little more time )
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Izzy and Nate are such good kitties! they have their own food bowls with lids. Sometimes the wrong bowl will be open, but instead of eating from the open bowl, they ask for their bowl to be opened. Not only that, but once Nate was begging for a bowl to be opened and G opened the wrong bowl and put it in front of Nate and Nate still asked for his bowl to be open. Good kitties!
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My kitties killed a mouse last night. Thankfully they didn't try to eat it. My best guess is Iz killed it. The kill was amazingly clean
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I got Kaylee chipped today. They still don't have a web form for giving your information or double checking they got it right or really much more of a web presence than "look, we have flashy RFID chips." It's kind of disturbing that they don't have an easy way to check that your information is correct.
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Kaylee's tail seems to be fine! yay for the resliancy of kittens!
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I accidently slamed Kaylee's tail in a door and now she's holding it funny. I can't feel anything out of place, but she cries if I touch it, so I can't inspect for too long. I don't know if I've done perment damage. It was on the hinge side, which is why I didn't see the tail in a bad place.

I'm crying pretty hard. I hate making mistakes that hurt others, especially those in my care.

EDIT: she seems ok. She's willing to play. She can hold her tail stright out, but I've not seen straight up yet.


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