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My cat is going in for much needed dental work tomorrow. I say much need because her gums got infected enough that she stopped eating and we had to get her pain killers and antibiotics to get her eating again and apparently she's already lost a tooth, which the last vet visit failed to mention.

I'm worried about her. The shelter got her spayed before they gave her to us. So this will be the longest she's been away from the house and anesthesia is always a little risky. I think most of the worry is that she had an adverse reaction to the last round of vaccines and then she had this gum infection, so she's not been terribly robust these past few weeks.

As a note, it will also be quite costly. They quoted us something in the range of ~$700. I'm expecting a little lower, since I expect the extractions to go quicker than they quoted, because of how bad shape her gums are in.

Poor girl. If she would only chew her food more. (We have to take measures to make her eat more slowly as it is, or she will eat so fast as to make herself sick.)
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I got Kaylee chipped today. They still don't have a web form for giving your information or double checking they got it right or really much more of a web presence than "look, we have flashy RFID chips." It's kind of disturbing that they don't have an easy way to check that your information is correct.
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Kaylee's tail seems to be fine! yay for the resliancy of kittens!
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I accidently slamed Kaylee's tail in a door and now she's holding it funny. I can't feel anything out of place, but she cries if I touch it, so I can't inspect for too long. I don't know if I've done perment damage. It was on the hinge side, which is why I didn't see the tail in a bad place.

I'm crying pretty hard. I hate making mistakes that hurt others, especially those in my care.

EDIT: she seems ok. She's willing to play. She can hold her tail stright out, but I've not seen straight up yet.
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One of kaylee's sutures didn't disolve, so I took her to the vet to get it trimmed. We phoned, they gave us an technition appointment for 10 minutes from the returned phone call. Despite it supposed to be a tech appointment, her primary vet did it and then didn't charge.
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apparently if there is a dog out the window, kaylee's tail can tripple in thickness!

Normal Kaylee tail reference picture


Sep. 12th, 2008 12:18 am
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I just discovered that Kaylee only has one polydactyl rear foot, so she has 21 toes, instead of the normal 18.
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We all spend the night with no one locked up last night. Kaylee woke me several times not knowing where her food and water were and the last time because she REALLY wanted to play while I wanted to sleep. Nate no longer hisses. I think we have good integration, though Nate's still kind of grumpy, I think, and feeling unloved, not that I don't try to love him.

Here's a video of Izzy letting Kaylee play with her tail. I can't say she's thrilled, but it's quite the sign of tolerence.

I'm very thankful of how quickly this all happened. Hopefully Kaylee will learn to take care of herself at night and we'll all be sleeping again. Yay!


Sep. 8th, 2008 02:36 pm
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I posted my first youtube video ever!

It's of Kaylee. It's kind of boring, other than "aw! kitten!"
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Shortly after the picture, Izzy closed here eyes and happily slept.

Also Kaylee likes to watch WoW and TV, which nate and Izzy haven't even noticed.

EDIT: after they'd both slept a good deal, Izzy apporoached KAylee and gave a nose sniff, touching nosees. Then kaylee approached Izzy, same thing. Then there was a paw and a hiss, but this is so encouraging.
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I heard a sound this morning and worried that a door had gotten open and the cats were attacking Kaylee. I went down stairs, but that wasn't the case, so, since things had cooled down a little, I decided to take Kaylee back to her room (she has to spend the night in the carrier when we need the AC.) Then I realized I couldn't leave the room with out Kaylee crying and waking greg, so I decided to just lie down on the floor and I'm so happy I did.

She curled up with me, both of us in a sun beam and we snoozed together. We spend the waking moments touching and her purring. I'd forgotten what it's really like to bond with a cat. To have a cat that likes to be touched and cuddled, that cares if you're there more than when they're just hungry. She look into my eyes and I'd give her a skritch and she'd bop me on the nose and then roll over adorably. I hope she doesn't loose this.

I still miss Nicki.

I hope Iz and Nate accept her soon.
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Iz took the first swipe today, so I guess I've been pushing too hard. It just breaks my heart when I have to lock kaylee up alone. She hates it and she's really bonded with me. even when she's deep in play, she'll come over for a reassuring skritch.

When I spend time in her room with her, Iz and Nate usually camp outside jealously. It's going to be a delicate balancing act. I just hope I'm doing it right. I couldn't stand giving her back up if this doesn't work.
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I'm stressed. I want to do this right but when no one involved can tell you more than "Wah!" it's hard. Nate got so upset, that he hissed and growled at Izzy. Izzy's doing pretty well, but has been hissing when Kaylee advances. Luckily Kaylee just backs off and is dealing well with everything but the time being locked up to give Izzy and Nate some calm time.

I hope this works out. She's such a sweet kitten. She's really bonded to me (while exploring she keeps coming back to me for reassurance) which is what I really wanted. I just hope we can have a happy house soon.
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Last night I woke up and it was stinking hot and humid. Since Kaylee's locked in the room with the AC, I had to move her down stairs and keep her locked up in the dog carrier, which she didn't like at all. The cats didn't like the production either. Iz and Nate seem more wary because of it. this might have set back the introduction time line an entire day.

During the night, Kaylee had eye shmooze, which is mostly likely just a stress/excitement induced cold. This morning, she no longer had it.

She loves attention so much. I feel so bad she has to, for the sake of the cat dynamics later, spend so much time alone.

She ate well this morning, which had me a little worried. she has yet to feel comfortable enough to use the litterbox yet.

I still have my apprihention that this was a bad idea. it's going to be a rough road making the integration happen well, espeically when my relationship with Iz and Nate isn't all that great to start with. (I have a lot of trouble comforting Izzy because of her independance and lack of cuddle.)


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