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I installed a hunter ceiling fan today.

I'm glad I read the reviews that the directions were bad, because they were.

First the "shipping blocks" were actually a piece of metal that was screwed in so tightly I stripped out a screw. Sadly we didn't find out that they had shipped one extra of each screw until it was already too late.

Secondly getting all the wires up in the canopy was, as expected, hard. Luckily we re-watched the installation video for the remote box and found where the box is supposed to live.

There is another screw I would have replaced, given the chance.

I can't say the globe holding design impresses me.

Other than that, it went ok, though it was a number of very tiring steps as well as some good forethought on my part, like putting a towel over the holes in the fan to keep the screws from dropping in during installation.

Our ladder isn't quite tall enough.

picture )
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On Friday my new flooring came in. Today I've started to tear up the rest of the floor, only to find that, instead of one piece of plywood under the tiles, someone thought they woudl put 6"x8" plywood rectangles down with 6 nails each, and then fill the cracks in between with some white, grout like substance. This is making tearing up the floor very slow.

No wonder the tiles cracked.
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The tile in my hall way was very badly installed. The first day we moved in I had to reglue down a tile. I've decided that I'm sick of looking at it and want to try my hand at some of the new laminate flooring, but first, I had to find out what was under there. My suspicion was that it was tile on plywood on the original hardwood floor and it seems that I was right... )
However there's the layer of black... stuff which I can only guess is tar. Since it's rubbery, it's hard to sand off and quickly clogs the paper. The nails used to hold down the plywood are also HUGE, so there are large nail holes in the underfloor. The edge near the stairs is also shattered, so it would have to be replaced if I restored the floor. I think it's not worth trying to restore the floor. It's a whole lot of work which might never come out looking good given the damage, but I open it up to anyone with some wisdom if I should try to restore it.

I purposefully did not order the laminate yet, since I thought this was a possibility. My plan is to lay it over the tar like substance as a floating floor, probably with some of the floating flood padding stuff.


more floor

Jan. 9th, 2010 04:24 pm
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I uncovered more of the floor. there was one very damaged peice and one very scrached spot. I've been treating it with restor-a-finish and this other goop which takes it from looking disgraceful to simply worn and in need of a refinishing. cut for picture )
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Yesterday I went to Ikea and bought ~$200 worth of kitchen cabinates and today I installed them, I still have some adjustments to make, but I got them in in one day. The rail system is very nice, though I wish I were a little more certain that once they're loaded it will still be ok. I put some weight on it and it felt solid, but...

Anyway, before and after )

They seem nice enough cabinets but time will tell, and they don't quite match the rest of the kitchen, but I don't really care. We can take them down if the lack of matching feels like it would hurt resale valu eof the house or whatever.


Feb. 17th, 2009 12:10 am
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I cut a hole in my wall in install a built in and found a surpise 2x4. time for a redesign on the cabinate...


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