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I have to take my car back AGAIN. They assembled it wrong and two pieces of plastic are touching that shouldn't be and they're fighting with each other.

I woke up yesterday with this pressure in my ear, half my hearing being muffled and this constant low noise that got worse when other low noises happen. The constant low noise seems to be gone, but I'm still missing a good part of my hearing in my right ear.
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I love that my Taekwondo master is so understanding of personal injuries and such. By being understanding of my knees, back and wrists, they've gotten so much better. Next on the docket, my shoulder. We're doing a front falling technique and he's letting me start from my knees until we know my shoulder can take it.
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I have been having a disturbing trend. I seem complete incapable of healthily dealing with stress. Not only does it usually trigger my depression, but I've also been having stress induced aphasia. It's very frustrating too, because even I think I must be faking, but I can't stop. Then, like a switch, it just ends and I can speak complete sentences again with no issues.

I don't know if I should seek out a therapist again (my previous encounters ~8-12 years ago were not terribly fruitful.)

Mostly I can ignore the problem because my life is mostly unstressful, but I feel like stress is an inevitable part of life, so I'd like to help the issue if I can.
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I feel like such a bag of excuses at TKD because of my knees and wrists (luckily my back and neck haven't really factored into it and my shoulder has bugged me, but not enough to really change anything) but the truth is TKD is actually bothering my knees less than just flat out running was and my pushup bars mostly make the wrists mute (I tried doing wheelbarrows with them... wasn't quite possible.) i would say I wish that I'd been doing this when I was young, but my knees have bothered me since I was 18 and mentally I wasn't ready. I am a little envious of people who really did have a time in their life when their body was their friend.
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Just some quick notes:

Got booed for the first time while playing taiko.

Bought a camera helicopter to inspect my gutters:

got a peg board for the new house and remembered the joy of peg board organization.

In a little over a week, I am going to Cedar Point for the first time in about 14 years.
And the list continues... )

neck thing

Jun. 16th, 2013 10:40 pm
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I wish I still used this more. I've liked being able to look things up.

I've been suffering from a weird neck thing this week, no clue how it happened but it basially feels like tenditous of the neck. The worst part is that this prevents meaningful sleep. I'm almost past it. They've had me on three meds, a muscle relaxant and predisone are the ones that are doing the most good. (The last was just for pain.) I wish I knew the why to prevent it from happening again.

wrist ow

Feb. 10th, 2010 01:29 pm
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im typing this with my left hand, so i'm going to forego caps.

on monday i was finishing the "last" section f removing carpet to expose the hardwood floor. i was pretty tired f it, but i thought it mental fatigue, not physical (other tan the bruises on my shins from kneeling so much.)

two parts of the job are very wrist intensive. pulling the staples with vice grips (pressing down, squeezing, sometimes a twist, and then pulling) and waxing (its the king of wax you let dry, then rub until it shines.)

this is by best guess as to why my wrist started hurtng yesterday. it started mild, and now is excrutiating. on the theory its tendinitis, i've been wearing a brace and icing it, but the pain is not getting better. it feels a little better why i wiggle my fingers.

i hope im treating it right. i don't have a dctr i trust and with the threatening snow, that might nt be much of an option.

to day is do everything with the left hand. though G has already been a big help on sme things i can't do with only on hand.
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my toes have been super pain sensitive the past few days. If I brush something with their tips, it feels like I've kicked a cheese grater.


Oct. 18th, 2008 12:13 pm
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My knees are really bad today. Worse than they've been in years. I wonder if I did something yesterday that I shouldn't have. I can still walk, but pretty much anything else is complete pain. I hope it's not the treadmill...


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