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I've been craving real ice cream lately. The non-dairy ice creams are no longer cutting it, so I decided to try to see if an avacado based ice cream would do better. I had a bit of a mishap with my ice cream maker, so texture wise I can't judge, but taste wise, it tastes WAY too much like coconut. I'm thinking of trying again with rice milk, hoping the avacado will have enough fat to make it work.

This no dairy thing sucks.
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So today I tried a dairy free day because my digestion has been less than happy and things do seem to have improved. This makes me super sad because I LOVE cheese, cream sauces, ice cream, butter and sour cream.

I did try a coconut ice cream from the store that took a bit of getting used to, but I ended up enjoying it.

I can't believe that this happened after my local store got finally Black Label Turkey Hill. :(

In the past I've tried lacaid without much success, so if this experiment continues to point to dairy, I will have to change my eating fairly dramatically. I am hoping some cheeses and the sour cream will still work, but it does seem that ice cream and whipped cream are out of the picture.


Jan. 20th, 2013 06:22 pm
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I found this cool weight loss coach app called noom. It has some cool things like it will use your phone's accelerometer as a pedometer (which, since I almost never have my phone in my pocket, it's that useful.) Let's you scan UPCs with the phones camera (had about a 50% hit rate. Though, really, chocolate frosted mini-wheats should not be "health cereal.") And has some interesting articles, fitness tracking and personal goals for each day. You can also set meal logging reminders.

Now, that being said, what I really found out is I just can't any more. I can't log my food. It makes me grumpy and angry. I need to find a way to change what I'm eating with out thinking so hard about it and with out being told that I can't eat any more today. I really makes me just want to never eat again, which isn't healthy and not something I can do. So sadly I'm going back to using fitocracy, which only logs exercise, because then I feel good entering in new exercise and even find myself doing something just so I CAN enter it.

I think I really do, especially this late in life with the genetics I'm fighting, just focus on being healthy, not being thin. Regular exercise, being active and mobile and moving and eating good things.


May. 16th, 2009 09:56 pm
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I was reading a webpage a small sampling of what thin people tend to eat. Many of them would have soup for lunch. I don't find soup at all satisfying. I wonder why it is that I don't.
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I need exercise. My knees, however hate me.

I might try to buy a cheap treadmill of craigslist. I emailed someone selling on for $20, but not reply yet.

I did 6 songs of DDR today, which is better than nothing. I'm at least got my motablism up. too bad my knees say no more. It would be great if I could either loose enough weight or strengthen my knee protecting muscles enough to play full sets again. I'm really sad I let DDR leave my life.

I'm going to try to eat better this month with out going all calorie psycho. I might have to go all counting.
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I've continued to gain weight, despite eating reasonably modestly (but far from perfectly) and my knees have started to complain again, so I think I have to be no fun eating again, at least for a month. I'm sure it will just make me miserable and not do anything useful, but I have to at least try.

If you're doing anything active and social, please invite me along. Social food will have to be kept at a minimum.


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