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There is a thing I want. It was on sale for $160. It's currently available for $200. I still think it is worth $200, but 1) I feel annoyed that I was out of town for the sale, or I would have jumped on it 2) the store1 has bought up most of the competition years ago (but pretends it didn't) and in so doing has made a notable degradation in deals. 3) they have a "rewards club" where, in their FAQ, they explain they will gleefully sell your information.

Now I still want the thing, but I am so far not getting the thing because I'm just plain annoyed and mistrustful of the store (not that I haven't bought many things from there in the past.) Am I just being silly?

As far as I can't tell no one else sells the thing. It's on amazon and ebay, but it's being sold by one of the branches of the store.

1 guitar center bought musician's friend, music123, Lyons Music, woodwinds and brass, Giardinelli and a few other sites, but still pretends they are different.

EDIT: People have started to review it and the package is missing two things in the photo without any indication that they are not included. I'm glad I didn't get it.

Chain saw

Jun. 21st, 2017 02:22 pm
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I've never even used a chainsaw before today. We had a large branch fall from a tree during the storm and a hand saw just wasn't going to cut it. I bought the 40v battery powered ryobi. I waffled a little on getting the 18v, because then I could use the batteries in my other tools. I think I'm glad I got the 40v, because it had some other features as well and it cut super smoothly. Only draw back is only have one battery, so once it's spent, it is a 90 minute wait for a recharge.
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Ran again with the shoes with better socks and using the last holes. They were better than before, but I can't say they're really a win. Definitely not worth the money, but I also feel like they're not so horrible that I can justify returning them now that I've run outside with them. So chock it down to an expensive mistake. I think I'll alternate between these and the on and then when I can justify it, try the sturdier On shoes.

P.S. I wish running didn't leave me feeling like a failure.
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I ran with the new shoes and they were not a win.

My left foot was cramping in the way it does when the shoe is fighting with it (it happens in ice skates all the time.) This might have been my sock slipping down, but in general, the fancy shoes didn't improve much. I will try them one more time with different socks and the back hole laced up, but I'm very disappointed. I'm a little worried she looked at my weight and went a little over board with the cushioning.

I was so hopeful. They felt really good in the store.

I also worry I got the wrong size because my feet were, perhaps, swollen that day.

I'm going to feel horrible if I have to return them.
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I am cheap. I am willing to pay for function, but even then, I tend to be cheap.

When it comes to shoes, I mostly look for something that will keep sharp objects from hurting me and not much else.

That changed a while back when I got my fancy On Cloudracer shoes. I really like them a lot, but last run I was thinking I might need something with more protection for my feet and more bounce too.
The problem with most shoe and sports stores is it was hard to tell shoes that weren't fashion over function. So I decided to go to a specialty running store knowing that I was not going to get anything cheap there, but I was going to pay for the expertise. So I went in resolute that I was not going to balk at the price.

I went to one in Andover that had good reviews. They put me in some "neutral" shoes and took a video of my running on the treadmill. I land on the outside of my foot and then pronate, just a little, on to the inside. She decided I needed some stability help (and I think, without ever saying it, she wanted something to cushion me for my weight.) I must have tried on about 12 shoes and spent almost an hour in the shop. When I found a pair I liked, I asked "How much is the damage?" She looked at the price and say, "Oh no, I'm so sorry, this might be the most costly pair of shoes in the whole store. Let's go try on a few less expensive models of the same brand." So we did, but I didn't like them. I had never seen an sales person be so genuinely apologetic for trying to sell the expensive model. I really liked the store and the people there, so if you need an expert to help you with your running shoes, I recommend Greater Boston Running Company in Andover.

Here's hoping these shoes make me hate running less!
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So until I found this video and became obsessed with the thing taped to her body, my only Birthmonth gift to myself was a power floor washer/vaccum called a crosswave. If you have a ton of bare floors, it's great! It will vacuum and clean wet or dry messes and leave your floor almost dry. For me it means I don't have to sweep then mop. I can do it all in one pass. I'm waiting to see how it will do on dry cat messes before I post a video to my review channel.

After some research I found out that the thing taped to her body is a boss rc-202 loop station designed for the beat boxer. While I don't identify as a beat boxer, this is by far the easiest and most fun looping pedal I've ever used. I still need to really learn it, because a lot of the features are buried. I also don't have a good understanding what a lot of the filters will do. The ones I do understand, I don't really know how to set the parameters right. I'd like to know how to get octave shifts out of the pitch shifter, for instance. There are some amazing videos of people using this thing. Here are two videos of my first attempts on it.

This one didn't come out as good (it was my first attempt.)

P.S. As a complete side note, I don't see my friends enough.
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I decided to splurge on a fancy cat tree.

before and after )


Feb. 4th, 2017 11:49 am
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I bought a new tablet, even though I thought I shouldn't, because google "upgraded" my nexus 10 into brokenness. I wish I hadn't. I hadn't realized the resolution of the 10 was good enough to out class current tablets and my new one has poor resolution. I think this wouldn't be as much of a problem if it didn't also have a shitty number of colors. Everything looks cel shaded and since I use my tablet mostly to watch youtube, neflix and amazon video, this is likely unacceptable.

I can't return it without incurring a restocking fee.

Anyone want to buy a decent, but not amazing to look at, 10" tablet for $150+tax? Asus Zenpad Z300M-A2
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This is going to sound like a post full of complaints. I want to say that these are nice problems to have and more observations and maybe even asking for advice.

The nexus 10 seems to have been desupported by google in a broken state. There are some videos (both in the youtube app and in the foxnow app) that have a point that will cause the whole tablet to crash and reboot. I'm not alone in this problem. I don't want to spend money on a new tablet just because my current one was "upgraded" into brokenness. I guess this means I need to figure out how to downgrade it and what to downgrade it too (it's had this bug for a lot of versions, actually.)

I can't get my twitch stream to be as good as it used to be. The new version of obs does something that doesn't do compression as well as I think I have evidence it used to (with downloads of my old vods.) I've tweaked all the common options, but I think I need to either be more aggressive or, again, seek out an older version. Many people say they are having problems with the new "studio" version that they never had with Classic.

I bought an inexpensive sunrise clock that is supposed to gradually come up from dim to bright, but it's concept of 1% light is almost the same as it's concept of 50% light. I don't really need it to be gradual, but I feel a bit ripped off and I'm still not sure if I shouldn't just return it because it didn't do what it claimed and it wasn't that cheap, just cheaper than most of sunrise clocks out there. Maybe I'll just leave a review.

I posted a review of the purple mattress to youtube. A very short, "not good for fat people" video. I didn't link it anywhere at all and it's not on my main channel. It has more views in the last week than almost all of my other videos. Blows my mind. I wish I had more things to review like that. Maybe I should make a video review of the clock. ;)

Waiting on my new sleep number bed. Not looking forward to trying to get rid of the two old mattresses once it arrives, but looking forward to getting them out of the house.

Haven't gone back to Facebook and while I miss keeping in touch with people, I've heard more of my friends consider leaving because the atmosphere there still isn't healthy. It's been a balance for me to stay informed and stay sane.

My friend who let me perform harp and handpan ant her event wants me to perform with something else, so I'm trying to work something up on hammered dulcimer, but I'm not sure I'll get it together in time. I'm trying to practice a little with my looping pedal, but I can't quite seem to hit the foot pedal without messing up my rhythm while doing it.

I really want to finish another youtube video, but there's been a mix of too busy and making excuses.

TKD remains awesome.
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With hulu shutting down its free service, I once again wanted to look for a cheap dvr.  The well known names (TIVO)  want to sell you a scheduling service which drives the price far out of my budget.   Surely there was something out there that would just act like a VCR but record to a hard drive?   Turns out, yes, but  it was hiding under "converter box."  There are a few different choices.  $30 got me this.  It take a USB flash or hard drive and will take an antenna signal (but not cable, but since I'm a cord cutter, that's fine.)    I spent a bit more on getting it a dedicated flash drive.   Interestingly enough it has a program guide for the next 24 hours, but you can also just set it like a VCR.  It's a bit klunky both in the UI design and in the responsiveness of the remote, but the record quality seems decent and the price point is right where I need it.

It turns out that our pressing need for it has gone away, so I likely won't testing it as hard as I was hoping, but I'm very glad to have finally found an affordable solution and thought I would share it incase other cord cutters had been looking as well.


Sep. 15th, 2016 01:43 pm
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G and I are likely going to get a new weight machine and elliptical soon, but first we have to get rid  of the old ones.   Someone is coming to see the weight machine today, but the elliptical is a bigger issue, partly because it's heavy enough that we can't carry it down the stairs without risking our backs.    We also can't transport it easily.  The play it again sports might buy it if we can get it to them.

I'm hoping the new weight machine will make me use it more because it's a nicer machine in a lot of regards, but I also hold no disllusionment in how I opperate.

I've been also thinking of upgrading to a better DSLR that can also record movies and there's a good used one right now, but I can't seem to pull the trigger.

I've not been making videos, partly because of just things going on in life (the walk and taiko is just not letting me go), but also because video gaming started to become more of a priority for me.   I have two videos I really want to make, I just need to force myself to cut out some time for it.

I also have to get back to having lunch with friends  I don't see often enough.

I'm also hoping I'll carve out some time to get kayaking on my pond once this season.

I also have to dig more holes in my lawn beforce it gets too cold.

And I need to start running again on days that are not stupid hot.

In TDK I'm learning the 8th poomsae and I really like it so far.  I need some TDK pictures.

I am trying to get back to going to SoH regularly, espeically with Honk Fest coming up.

I've been toying with the idea of making a website advertising myself as a handpan player, just because it's good ambiance music and no one will ask me to play a specific song on it.   I don't know how good/bad and idea this would be.

My new therapist continues to be awesome.  She's also very enthusasitc about helping me.  Apparently she gets to give me homework she doesn't usually give out. 


May. 3rd, 2016 04:05 pm
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Because the school of honk trombones look so cool, I bought a plastic trombone (pbone). It arrived damaged, but I fixed it with a little hammer. Some how playing taps is easier than using the slide.


EDIT: I made a video!

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So for my birthmonth I was going to finally get, after years of wanting one, a handpan. While I was looking, I bid on I really really liked, and then the guy removed the auction. Then I found out there is a company who will be making electronic handpans, which I thought "that's silly, but look at all these ways it is better than a real handpan. Then I was sad, such an expensive instrument that can only play in one key and thought, "I shouldn't get one."

And then my favorite affordable handpan maker on ebay posted this handpan. And I decided I could likely resell it for as much or more than I bid, so I bid, thinking I knew his reserve was less than my bid. Except it wasn't.

So a plywood crate arrived today with a handpan in it. So now I own a handpan! The musical instrument addiction continues.

It came on a somewhat bad depression day, so I'm fighting with myself, knowing full well part of why I buy new instruments is I'm trying to feel special and wanted, deep down.

Part of it is it's harder to play than I expected. The tongue drum I have is some what easier to hit the notes.

I uploaded video on my youtube channel, but I'm not that thrilled with it, so I won't post it here.
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Even though I'm about average height for a woman, I've always had the problem that chairs are all too tall for me. Currently I'm sitting in a child's gaming ottoman chair. DX racer is a high end gaming chair. As an office chair, it would still be too tall for me, so I decided to try their console gaming chair.

pic )

It's not bad. Greg has decided he really likes it. I'm still kind of on the fence. I think that the lumbar cushion is a bit thick for me and it's still not quite short enough. The chair is very costly, so it's hard for me to decide if I want one of my own.

In other adventures in seating, getting this chair caused us to rearrange our whole room and now we have the smaller, but less comfortable couch in the room. I was considering a reclining love seat, but not really finding what I want at either a price or quality that would work. We found something we like at Bob's Discount Furniture, but the horror stories of their quality control is enough to turn us away.
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Since I undeniably live in suburbia now and, more importantly, because my house is growing green stuff, I bought a pressure washer.

Now, I tried an electric one in the past, and it was so disappointing, I found an RV brush did a much much better job.

But using the RV brush on the whole house seemed less than doable.

So I decided to get a gas one. This is my first non-car gasoline appliance, so I was a little nervous.

It was a completely different experience form the electric, but I still feel like a mechanical cleaning device, like a brush would likely work so much better and that people who LOVE their pressure washers just like a noisy machine and that if the people inventing liked quiet more, we might have an alternative.

That being said, I own one now and will try to learn to use it better.

here are some pictures from my first experiment. )
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It's not even quite my birthmonth, but I've started celebrating already. My amazon echo (which I ordered a few months back) arrived today and does the one thing I was really hoping it would do and I've been having silly fun with it.

I bought myself a table saw finally, after years of wanting it.

I wanted to do karaoke next month, but wasn't finding the energy to make it happen, but a friend is celebrating his birthday with karaoke, so I get my karaoke with out the effort and I get to see that friend, who I haven't seen forever.

The musical instrument addiction continues and I've bought myself a hammered dulcimer (used from bay, of course.) It's very pretty and old enough to likely have a sound board made from mahogany which is no longer used because of it's rarity. I just have to replace a string and tune it, but even untuned, it sounds nice.
picture )
And there will most likely be a party at some point during the month.
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I just switched to my first non-physical keyboard phone since 2000.

The boring story of me and physical keyboard cell phones )
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I bought an unlocked phone from ebay. It arrived unlocked. I upgraded it to 4.4 (kitkat), it relocked. I can't seem to revert the phone to anything earlier than 4.4. So now I have a sprint locked phone that I have to sell.

I've looked on line and even with a new code, there doesn't seem to be away to unlock the phone or revert the OS without rooting it.

Know anyone on Sprint looking to buy a Samsung s4 mini?


Sep. 15th, 2014 11:10 am
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I've been cheap most of my life.* This has been important because I've also like to get many things, many instruments, many toys, many computers, many games and I don't regret my experiences. Some of them, like DDR turned out to be an important part of my life history.

Sometimes I wonder about when it has been a bad thing. For example a small handful of my cheap instruments have been "too cheap" and did not live up to their job. But I consider my instruments, on average a win, especially since I've been able to sell many of them for a profit.

a long babble about the thing I want to buy )

* I am not cheap when it comes to important things, like dental fillings. I also won't call my house "cheap." Though I also won't call it lavishly expensive either.


May. 8th, 2014 01:21 am
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Yay! They're going to do a print run of this shirt!


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