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Found out that at least in my hybrid, it will turn on the gas engine to warm up if the cabin needs to be heated. This means very short trips in the winter time have the side effect of destroying gas mileage, because it will fill the battery and waste some of the gas engine.

first tank

Nov. 15th, 2015 07:58 pm
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I filled up for the first time in the new car today. The capless gas thing seems ok. I'm still a little disturbed that anyone can open the gas door. One thing I hadn't thought of is that a smaller tank, means a little less time at the pump. I've been running about 39 mpg (according to the car) since I do a fair amount of highway.
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One weird thing about a hybrid is that since the power to the wheels and the sound of the motor is decoupled, it often makes me feel like the motor is slipping.

Ford decided on 1) windshield wiper connectors I've never seen before 2) hiding the wipers under the hood for aerodynamics but with the side effect you have to open the hood to lift the wipers more than about a half inch. None of that New England "put your wipers up so they don't get buried in a snow storm" trick.
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Update on the car after a week of getting used to it.

Nice suprises:
  • Blind spot mirrors

  • reading text messages to me (haven't gotten to use this in practice yet, but gave it a test.)

  • voice controls for USB stick of music1

  • hot day feature to lower all the windows from the key frob2

  • the regenerative braking reports and trip mileage reports.

Usb with all my music )
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Back when I got the mazda5 I took some pictures of me demonstrating the cargo space. I've tried to recreate that with the c-max. the results )


Oct. 25th, 2015 05:04 pm
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We couldn't come to a deal, because my mazda5 is apparently worth 2.5k less than I thought it would be and 1k less than what would have made the deal work.

So looking like no car for me. I'm trying a few places to get a few different offers.

I would be scared to sell the car on craigslist for a number of reasons.

And I'm coming to the realization that they are not wrong. The stupid hood damage the 2nd year of owning the car I think is affecting the price more than I realized. The exhaust leak I knew about, but thought it was factored in to the price adjustment for car condition, but apparently not at this dealer.

On a good note, I liked the dealer and they treated me with respect. So thumbs up for my short experience with Wall Ford in Salisbury.

So looks like I have to get some quotes on getting my car fixed and I'll be driving it for another few years.
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G is getting his own car, now that he's car dependent. We went to the dealer today knowing we were going to go play the car game. It's a lot easier game to play when you aren't under any time pressure.

Highlights include:

Us making him wait for us to talk outside.
G planning ahead of time to get an ice cream sandwich on the first "I'll go talk to my boss." (they have free ice cream in their waiting room.)
When he said, "it's just $200" me saying, "well that argument goes both ways."
Me giggling. Giggling a lot, as he played out the script (I'm not sure what he thought of all that.) I really couldn't help it when he did the melodramatic, "Really, you're going to walk out for $100, what if I put $50 of MY OWN MONEY down?" (G and I had already discussed if they'd come down another $50.)

It was actually kind of fun, because we didn't NEED a car right that day. Because cars are fungible. Because we didn't have any appointments and because we expected the game.

I feel little bad about all the giggling I did.

Once again I think we got an ok price. If we were experts at the game, I'm sure we could have gotten lower, but I'm not sure I ever want to be good at the game.

Now to wait for their swap, then we get to see the actual car we'll be buying. We're getting a subaru impreza.


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