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I have to take my car back AGAIN. They assembled it wrong and two pieces of plastic are touching that shouldn't be and they're fighting with each other.

I woke up yesterday with this pressure in my ear, half my hearing being muffled and this constant low noise that got worse when other low noises happen. The constant low noise seems to be gone, but I'm still missing a good part of my hearing in my right ear.
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C-max started overheating again... ARG! Getting a new car was supposed to make things more reliable.

EDIT: they are trying many things, but can't get it fixed. Now they think they won't have it back to me before Friday.

Grrrr (car)

Dec. 9th, 2015 01:35 pm
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Driving to my student's taiko recital last night the "check manual" light which is actually the "somethings wrong with the power train" light came on, then the car overheated, so I pulled over, let it cool down and made my way to the recital (since I was running the show.)

I drove it very carefully home, pulling over any time it overheated. I just drove it to the dealer, being careful enough to drive it on the electric motor mostly, such that it didn't over heat, but the "check manual" and "check engine" lights were both on. They don't have an appointment for me until Tuesday, but they'll try to squeeze me in earlier.

I partly got a new car to avoid the aggravation of repairs (more to avoid the cost). So GRR!!! the car is less than 2 months old.

On the other hand, at least this happened with enough time to get it resolved before I needed to drive to Canada.
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I want to write this now while I'm still upset so hopefully I can read back on this and laugh.

I gravely miscalculated how much cargo space I'm giving up. Not just all the little cubbies that the m5 had (Where I had the fire extinguisher and the first aid kit) but the fact that the read door slopes inward, such that even thought the measurement to the back of the seat is almost the same, the drum space is greatly reduced.

Now, I don't know if my future contains a car packed with drums very often, but this realization started to make me cry. So yeah, regret already.

Oh yeah, I bought the c-max.
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Was ready to give up on car buying, dealer comes back with new trade in offer.
Go to get estimate from another place, they say "no one wants m5" gives me a low offer.
Waffle and discuss, decide to go in for the lower dealer trade-in offer.
About to put down a deposit, dealer says, "oh, btw, that includes the $1000 financing incentive, so you can't pay cash, but there is no early payment penalty. You just do about 3 months of payments." That enough risk to kill the already only barely ok deal.

Then I get a spark, could I just put down a HUGE down payment. I ask, and it's "well, yes and no, you have to finance at least $7500 of the car." So a mull over this for a bit, but my gut is telling me no.

This is gaming the system. Even if this doesn't come back to bite me, it's ethically unsound.

So I've said no, again. This time I think it might be the final no.


Oct. 22nd, 2015 02:11 pm
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I am considering buying a c-max hybrid, despite loving my m5, because my m5 has been staring to give me large surprise repair bills and has some issues that I can see causing more bills in the near future. And hey, hybrid!

I test drove one, and it seems decent, though I need the lower level trim because a touch screen in a car seems really badtm to me.

I found a slightly used one (this model year, 9k miles) and was about to haggle the price when I noticed it has been marked as "sale pending." There is another one, but it's 1.5 hours away.

Now I'm at a bit of a loss because I had almost decided to take the plunge (buying a car is not my idea of fun) but the goal went out from under me. A new one would cost 2-3k more, but I could get the color I want and it would be new, but the cheap in me says that's not the right decision.

And yes, I've considered the other hybrids and it's really the C-max SE hybrid or nothing at this point.

I'm also not sure how optimistic to be about the hands free features. They never seem to work for me as well as the product claims.
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I was unhappy with 128 mazda because they took a very long time to do a simple oil change and charged me a lot.

I was unhappy with quirk mazda, because they had a restricted customer wifi, and I felt a bit bullied by their service plan.

Both claimed to require service twice as frequently as recommended in the car manual even for places with "harsh conditions."

Ira mazda, the people were friendly, informative, the waiting area was nicely laid out. They had a sign that said that ira motor group was dedicated to making fans out of its customers. They were fast and friendly about getting me a rental and even faster about getting it returned. My car had a little card on the dash with the name of the mechanic who took responsibility for servicing my car and his extention. I've never seen accountability of the specific mechanic before. Even the cashier was on the ball and treated me with respect.
They seem to also believe corporates service schedule.

I will say they have me fast on the road of becoming a fan. Too bad they're 30 minutes away (when traffic is good) but then my closest is 20 minutes away. I'm definitely going back.

I lost a little money because they'd told me I'd have the rental for at least a week, so I filled it up thinking I would use most of it before the week was over. So I lost a few gallons of gas, but not really a big deal.
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So that power steering cut out? wasn't just bubble. turns out a lot of mazda 5s and 3s are having a pump issues, so when I took it in for service today, they kept my car. they said they could have let me drive it out but I would have had to sign a waiver. They gave me a loaner and said it would be a week or two before the part came in.

So now I'm driving a toyota yaris with no power locks or windows. It's basically just as good as my saturn was, but compared to my m5 it's a big step down. It's amazing how quickly you get used to small comforts.

Luckily my taiko schedule is open enough right now that I don't have any big drum hauling planned. It does mean I won't be able to bring in my toy to the dojo and show it off until I get my car back.

I kind of liked Ira, despite the surprise, and think that will go back there again for my next service if this all ends well.

car trouble

May. 7th, 2010 07:16 pm
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Mostly just to document this, but I had my power steering cut out today. It got better after I turned the car off and back on. I couldn't see anything obviously wrong under the hood.
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Tomorrow the MA tax is going up and we're going to have some basement work done soon, so I need a dry place to store my tools while we empty out the basement, so I went to buy this shed tonight:

and arrived at home depot to discover the box was 49" wide and 62" long and two boxes tall. My car is only 40" wide at the narrowest, but I gambled that if I took it out of the box and put the largest peices diagonally I could get it into my car.

So I purchased it and this very helpful, thoughtful home depot guy (with a white beard) helped me wiggle, and stack, and lift up top pieces and slide and get everything into the car. I thought I was going to have make two trips. He was great, because he didn't just try to jam it all in (as someone who later came to help tried to do.) He really thought about how to get the bits in. He was just as impressed as I when it finally worked, however.

it all fit! )

I then backed into my driveway the first time ever, I think and G and I unloaded the shed to under the carport in the dark and rain. Since I'd like it to be clean inside, I started to assemble it, but it was too hard in the dark, so that will have to wait until tomorrow.

Yay car! yay good home depot person!
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I love my car, mostly. The biggest gripe I have about it right now is it LOVES to turn the A/C with out my permission. Yes I know the window will defog faster with it on, but sometimes blowing air is good enough and I'd like to save on gas milage, please.

EDIT: I still remember the days when you could spray fluid and not have it wipe. I guess it is just a sign of the times. *sigh*
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I went to fill up today and the pump was running REALLY slowly. I mean REALLY slowly. I got impatient and stopped after 6 gallons because it would be faster to drive to another gas station and start pumping there than it would have been to finish.
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I need an oil chance and a new oil filter. My dealers are both far away, slow and very expensive. Does anyone have a recomendation for one of those quick oil change places around here? Also about what should I expect for a price? And I'm right that not getting an oil change at the dealer doesn't matter for the warrenty, right?

I feel clueless.

car update

Dec. 23rd, 2008 11:02 am
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It's done! they came! It's in! He looked like he did a good job!

My rear view just clips on, who knew?

There are also power caulking guns!

car update

Dec. 22nd, 2008 01:24 pm
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We've filed a claim with our insurance. The window people can't come until tomorrow. I don't want to tow my car on the icey roads, so I'm taking a chance with on site service. My mom is sure this is a bad idea. We had to completely clear off the car so it would be dry for them tomorrow to work. G put in SO MUCH work shoveling and cleaning the car. He's completely my hero.

The hood dend popped back out with a good thump, but it's a bit weaker than the symmetric other side, so there might be some damage there. Not sure how much to worry about it.

Thank you for all your sympathy.

Here's a photo from the outside:kind of big to show detail )
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looks like the hood is also caved in. hopefully that will pop back out. c

car woes

Dec. 21st, 2008 04:54 pm
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Ice and snow falling from the neighbor's roof has destroyed our windshield.

See... )
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I had 6 people in my car tonight! yay!
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They've put an asking price on my old SW2. 4k! Since I'm sure they fixed it up and have had it since March, I think we got a decent trade in on it. Woo!

I still hope it finds a good home, but I'm happy to know we didn't epic-fail on the trade in negotiation.

I think we good a solid deal on the new car then.
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Quirk Mazda finally has a listing fo the old saturn. They made her all pretty and clean! I'm not sure how much the pictures are hiding, but she looks really nice.

Yay! I'm glad she wasn't scraped. I hope she finds a good home. They don't list an asking.


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