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A week ago I was completely enthusiastic about my birthmonth party, but this week, I'm on the fence about committing, so it might be a bit more last minute than last year to make sure I want it to happen.

On another note, I would like to have music made at the party if the party happens.
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It's not even quite my birthmonth, but I've started celebrating already. My amazon echo (which I ordered a few months back) arrived today and does the one thing I was really hoping it would do and I've been having silly fun with it.

I bought myself a table saw finally, after years of wanting it.

I wanted to do karaoke next month, but wasn't finding the energy to make it happen, but a friend is celebrating his birthday with karaoke, so I get my karaoke with out the effort and I get to see that friend, who I haven't seen forever.

The musical instrument addiction continues and I've bought myself a hammered dulcimer (used from bay, of course.) It's very pretty and old enough to likely have a sound board made from mahogany which is no longer used because of it's rarity. I just have to replace a string and tune it, but even untuned, it sounds nice.
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And there will most likely be a party at some point during the month.
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If I have a birthmonth party, it will likely be the first week of April, which is not my birthmonth, but that's ok.

I talked myself up in my present to myself and got a very fancy guitar pedal (more because I liked the sound more than anything) and I got one used. I was little afraid when I got it because it had a repair slip on it saying that it would shut off randomly, but it seemed ok when I tested it (thought it took my a while to actually get it to do anything, thank goodness for the internet.) But it's going to take my a while to actually learn how to use it. It seems like it shouldn't be too bad once I understand the processing types. The presets are all WAY too weird though. Feedback on the harp (which has a mic, rather than real pick ups) wasn't too back on most of the effects, which I was also a little worried about.
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It's my birthmonth!1 And there are exciting things planned. You've already heard about my present of a patapon and a psp to myself, as well as a psp skin, as soon as I decide which one. Also I'll be getting Crisis Core (the FF7 prequel) at the end of the month. I'm saving opening and trying patapon for tomorrow. I'm sure that after that I will be unable to shut up about it.

There will be a party, don't know what day yet. Hopefully those people who couldn't make the last one, but wanted to, can make this one. The cake will not be a lie.

I want to get fondue at some point, and not pay an arm and a leg for it (resturant recommendations are welcome, but I'm betting it will be part of the party and I'll be asking to borrow some fondue pots.)2

At the end of the month, we will finally be trying to buy the new car,3 so hopefully that will make me shut up about it, unless the test drive goes horrible or something and I have to pick a new favorite.

By the end of the month, I'll be 33!

1 For those that don't know. I don't tell people what day my birthday is, because there are some years I just don't want to make a big deal about it, and people are less like to wish you a happy birthmonth enmasse. Plus it's more fun this way! a whole 31 days to get the celebration in!

2 I want to borrow, rather than own, because I don't want to store the fondue pots afterwards. Else I'd get one of those nice self heating ones.



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