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Once upon a time I would doodle in the margins of my notes, either in class or in meetings. At one point I was an ok artist, but I don't doodle any more, and my skills have gone rusty. This is my attempt to get some of those skills back. A doodle a day. I'm also experimenting with medium and subject matter that I never have before.

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image poi

Aug. 4th, 2014 09:47 pm
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Ok, I'm now completely obsessed with image poi. Which means first I need to learn to poi dance. I know that many of you know some people who know some people who do that sort of thing and so I was wondering what the community was like? Are there any stereotypes (like you can only spin poi if you attend burning man)? How tied to it's origins is it? Will it be another hobby that is frowned upon as being culturally appropriated or is spinning LED (I will never trust myself with fire) far enough from the tradition that it never comes up. Or really anything else I should know about spinning poi community or culturally.

P.S. What is an image poi you ask? video answer under the cut. )
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There's a series I read where each cover shows a new tatoo on the main character. In the book, her tatoos are rarely, if never, mentioned, but it's an interesting set of progression, especially since the series has gone long enough that she's starting to run out of space for body art. I think we still have one arm and two legs left. I give huge credit to the cover artist (Daniel Dos Santos) for such a daunting task of continuity. (and yes, the tatoos seem to stay in the right place, even if her pants start to get obscenely low.)

the covers, if you want to see )
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I fought some ink jet temparary tatoos. I'm not very impressed with them so far, but I haven't seen them in complete action. They'll get a full test this Sunday.

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I wanted to make a splatter painting, where the splatters would represent the beats of a taiko drum. Then, with that base painting, I would paint a drummer on top of it. Turns out splatter painting is way harder than I'd imagined and I got nothing I wanted (the actually out come of the painting is kind of neat, but it's not evocative of drumming.) What did happen is I made my driveway into abstract art too and then got completely facinated by it. Here's a gallery of some of the photos I took.
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This is my first oil painting in.... oh I don't know how long it's been!

Yay! painting )

I painted

Oct. 18th, 2006 11:39 pm
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I painted. It's probably the most abstract thing I've done, not that it's that abstract. It's also acyrlic, which is odd for me.

I think I like it.

pho-to-graph (boil 'em and slice 'em and put them in a stew) )

I painted!

Jan. 31st, 2006 03:01 am
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It's kind of stock me (hey look, it's my AP art concentration topic again!) but at least I painted SOMETHING. It's be ages.

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